TrophyLite Overview

TrophyLite debuted on the off-road racing circuit in 2007. The series was conceptualized with the focus on bringing an affordable SPEC off-road racing to anyone who had the drive to race in the desert. Desert racing is what separates the boys from the men and tests skill, endurance and the competitive nature of a driver. This competitive spirit of individuals is what the passion of desert racing is all about.

Before TrophyLite was conecepted the cost of running a desert program was overwhelming for beginning and seasoned drivers. TrophyLite Spec race trucks deliver the feel of a trophy truck with a budget that just about anyone can afford. TrophyLite has official mandated spec parts which include: Method Race Wheels, KC Hilites, Mastercraft Safety, Impact, Maxima Racing Oils and Fox shocks.

The TrophyLite Series has grown tremendously over the last couple of years. With now 38 trucks and teams which demonstrate the popularity of the class and set the pace for the growth curve for the next serveral years. In the current 6 race schedule format the TrophyLite Race Series has more purse money to be won than any other class in Spec off-road racing. The TrophyLite Race Series has the most in purse money to be paid out to the top teams in Troplylite racing. New teams are being added to the TrophyLite group each month. New trucks are being built and the growth continues.

An Affordable Alternative

The TrophyLite Race Series was created to provide an affordable alternative to the high cost of racing. Drivers are pitted against each other in identical vehicles that provide the thrill of competitive offroad racing without the million dollar price tag. All TrophyLite race vehicles are precisely constructed to maintain parity and use the finest quality components available. TrophyLite allows you to compete in a fun, fast, race proven vehicle right out of the box. With generous sponsorship from KC Hilites, Mastercraft Safety, Method Race Wheels, Azunia Tequila,Metro Honda/Acura, Maxima Racing Oils, Currie Enterprises, Southwest Boulder and Stone, Elite Laser Cutting, Tanimura & Antle Produce, Children of the Dirt Apparel, PCI Race Radios, K&N Air Filters, Impact, FOX Shox & Kreed.

The Concept is Simple

Keep the cost of racing down. Keep the race trucks on an even playing field and offer great prize money for the classes. The General Tire TrophyLite Race Series brings you some of the closest and most competitive racing in all of off-road.

With TrophyLite you can race on a budget, you can choose from the original TrophyLite R-4 truck program or the all new 450 HP V-8 power TrophyLite R-8 truck program. Whatever your budget is we can tailor a program for you as a race team or as a General Tire TrophyLite Race Series Sponsor.

TrophyLite vehicles are hand built in house by our highly skilled fabricators. This same quality goes into every TrophyLite vehicle.

Ask about our support and prep program for those of you who want to race but don't have the time to commit. We can do the hard part for you so you can have fun.

Off-road racing is not just a sport, but a lifestyle and passion. If you are looking for great affordable off-road racing be sure to call us today!