Race Rental Program

The TrophyLite House Rental Program is designed to get you behind the wheel and out racing quickly. If you have ever considered racing off-road and want to give it try, now is the chance to rent before you own. The TrophyLite rental program puts you in the seat of a race prepared SPEC truck where you can be competitive and race against the best in closely matched trucks.

Get What You Pay For

When you rent our TrophyLite house truck, not only are you renting a race vehicle but you are taking part in the off-road racing experience. You are also joining the TrophyLite family of racers and racing for a Prize Purse, that may offset your costs.

  • a. Instructional testing for driver & navigator programs available
    -Come spend a day in the desert learning: The TrophyLite race vehicle, safety, race time preparedness, GPS & navigation, tire changing and pit strategy. What to expect when you get to the races.
  • b. Truck Prep and Testing for specific events
  • c. Complete Arrive & drive race program available
  • d. Provided pit support if needed , complete spare parts available
  • e. Affordable Pricing

Why Rent With TrophyLite

The TrophyLite Race Series was created to provide an affordable alternative to the high cost of racing. Drivers are pitted against each other in identical vehicles that provide the thrill of competitive off-road racing without the million dollar price tag. All TrophyLite race vehicles are precisely constructed to maintain parity and use the finest quality components available. TrophyLite allows you to compete in a fun, fast, race proven vehicle right out of the box.

For complete details, pricing and events available contact Jason.Cobb@TrophyLite.com